Some common questions..

Where are you located?

We serve the greater Portland, Ore area but are open to traveling for an additional fee. 

Do you provide alcohol? 

No, all alcohol and drinks need to be provided by you.  Wandering Spirits does not have state liquor license to sell alcohol.   All bartenders have current OLCC server permits.

What do we provide?

Wandering Spirits packages include bar staff, Ice, travel time, set up and clean up.  We also have a few vases, if they fit your style.

Do you do table service?

We prefer to serve only from the bar, this allows guests to leave their table and mingle with other guests. Our staff will roam around and pick up empty glasses throughout the event.  

Do you need a power source?

Our traveling bar has been retrofitted with LED lighting and requires very little power to operate.  This allows us to party off the grid. 

What are the dimensions?

14' long X 8' wide

How much does it cost to hire Wandering Spirits?

Every event is unique and not one price fits all.  Please contact us with your event details and we'll help you create a custom package.

Do you do Cannabis events?

Yes.  You provide the cannabis products and we'll provide a budtender.